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Eyelash Extensions

Full & Gorgeous

Brighten your eyes with the latest breakthrough in beauty services – Eyelash Extension. Whether for special occasions or everyday    wear, with long-lashting eyelash extensions, we can all achieve a natural doe-eyed look with long luxurious lashes.
Luxury Mink Lashes are perfect for those who want long, dark eyelashes that don’t require mascara. We extend 50% of your natural    lashes (75 minutes of lash artistry). Luxury Mink Lashes are made from silk and are soft, light to touch and very natural.
  • Mink Silk  Full & Thick  $100
       Refill  $50-60
       Full & Thin
       Refill  $50
    Refill beyond recommended time frame of 3-4 weeks will incur additional cost depending on lash requirement.
    Flare/ Cluster/ Tabbs  $35
     Strip Lashes  $15
     Facial  $45
  • Eyelash Extensions - Diamond Nails